Boost your sales pipeline in 120 days.

We guarantee it.*

Maybe you’ve tried boosting your sales team’s performance with a workshop. Did it work?

The Digital Sales Acceleration program is truly different. It not only teaches sales teams how to connect with today’s modern digital buyers, it integrates what they learn into their daily routine and holds them accountable to a new, highly successful way of generating sales.

The Why

Why Digital Sales?

Because modern buyers are digital and more social than ever. They conduct research online and get purchasing advice from peers on social media platforms like LinkedIn. You need to meet them where they are, in ways that resonate with them.

Reaching buyers today requires digital selling skills and an integrated approach.

The Process

The Integrated Program

TeamRevenue’s Digital Sales Acceleration program modernizes your current sales process by integrating proven digital sales practices. The result is a sales team that builds a better, more consistent pipeline and sells more.

During the first 90 days of this 12-month program, your salespeople and managers will learn how to:

The program starts with enablement planning and leadership preparation. Then we empower the sales team with tailored e-learning, eight weekly instructor-led sessions, practical assignments and a final project that locks in sales success. What’s more, unlike trainers who vanish after the course is over, TeamRevenue’s program is built to monitor adoption and provide support for a full 12 months to keep people accountable to implementing the new strategies.

The Results

But Does it Work?

Yes! These strategies have been tested with over 100,000 sales reps in over 300 global sales organizations. TeamRevenue’s Digital Sales Acceleration program delivers results because it is the only fully integrated program in the market. It combines all the pillars of digital sales, integrating social selling, video and digital territory management into your team’s sales cadence and daily workflows. Certified students are guaranteed to deliver improved sales outcomes within 120 days.

Companies That Have Adopted these Digital Sales Strategies Include:

*Certified students are guaranteed to deliver improved sales outcomes within 90 days.

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